Kingdom Impact Funds (York, Lancaster and Chester counties)

The Kingdom Impact Funds were set up in late 2012 to fund Gospel-based projects in York, Lancaster and Chester counties. Recipients for the 2013 grant year include Christ Central Ministries (Chester), Dream Center, Community Café, Mission Rock Hill, Renew Our Community (ROC), Keystone Substance Abuse Services, and the Released Time Bible Education ministries in York and Clover.



Giving Considerations

  • Support a ministry you have not previously supported. We know of several needs or opportunities.
  • Give appreciated stock instead of cash to your church or favorite ministry. 
  • Consider setting up a donor advised fund (or recommend a fund to someone else).
  • Allow the Foundation to provide you with a personalized estate design, either for the first time or as an update or check-up (or recommend our estate design to someone else).
  • Consider if a charitable gift annuity might fit into your stewardship plans or those of a relative.
  • If you have questions, please contact Kristen Davis Rhyne at 803-366-8880 or krhyne@westminsterfoundation.com.